Name : Angel Chew
Contact No. : 90596614
Personal Email :
Age : 11
Reason : Worst of the lot here, super horrible, don't EVER EVER deal with her. SERIOUSLY.  She's an immature spoilt brat. Super annoying, sms her one SIMPLE QUESTION, you want that info as refund? She replied me one whole grandma story and say want buy fbts and all and I tried nicely to tell her that I don't sell any more than she keep spamming me say she urgently need buy blah blah. Than I had to reply her finally in CAPS LOCK than she stop spamming me asking me about it. Than when she paid for the first info, after she paid she immediately demanded to get the info, I told her I need to check and she can't expect immediately need give 24hours, she refused to listen and spammed my phone profusely saying she want to blacklist me blah blah i should give her info and all the crap. After I finish my dinner, I go check than gave her the info, she transferred like 2hours before so technically, I took 2 hours to give her the info and she made such a huge fuss and totally spammed me. Than 2nd info my supplier's supplier scam her so she say refund me one info. I asked Angel (my foot, should be devil) which she want, she told me hairstraightener so I go ask my supplier for it. Than after awhile, she started demanding for another info. WHAT THE HELL?  She said want that info so cannot change already. So i told her that and she got pissed (yea, right, I should be sooo much more pissed) and started scolding vulgarities. Hello? I gave you a choice okay? In the end, she smsed me over 200sms while I only replied her 40. See how much she spammed me? Because if you don't reply her immediately she will spam like hell until you reply. When people are busy, how you spam also no use. Argh, super super annoying, make me can't concentrate during exams. DON'T EVER DEAL WITH THIS IDIOT!!

She changed her blog several times because always got people blacklist her, beware!

Name : Rachel & Adeline
Reason : Bought something from her to try. She say will mail out within 3days I got suspicious when after more than 3days she still haven't mail me to confirm mailing out so I emailed her and she said mail already. So weird right? Normally mail out will immediatetly inform customer. But they looked trustable so I didn't argue with them. After like 11days, I emailed them and they just say they will look out for return mail. So i waited a few more days still haven't come, up till now, nothing! Than they claim sorry we can't help cus u opt for normal mail. I understand that but than at least help me check luh -.- Than she say anyway so little money she also won't scam. I bet  she thinks so little money, not worth the effort to mail out and the customer won't mind so she didn't bother lo. So little also money wat. Than everytime also must I ask her than she'll reply she didn't even ask say so have I receive the item. Obviously she didn't even mail out. Beware!!

Name:Elaine and Dephne
School : St Hilda Secondary
Address:Blk 125 Bedok north road #07-119
Reason:MIA-ed several times after confirming meetups. But she selling very cheap so I waited patiently than after that totally MIAed and didn't reply at all. Luckily, didn't buy alot stuff from her cus abit suspicious alot blogshops blacklisted her too!

Blogshops that blacklisted her too :

And many have reported to police already. Really sorry to all customers affected but I am a victim too...