Pretty Dresses

Checked Red & Black spag dress

BRAND NEW! Really nice piece but have to clear wardrobe and have too much this kind of design alr... Bought from overseas so hard to find in Singapore!!

Price : $12 ONLY!!!!!

Sweet Turquoise Checked Dress

BRAND NEW!! Super super cute piece too bad it doesn't suit me :( Really liked it though, chic sweet cool and unique. Bought from overseas too so hard to find in Singapore, selling at such a low price too!

Price : $10

Chic Dress

BRAND NEW!!! Really smart looking and nice... Sweet and suitable for casual wear/ working outfit. Unique design, bought from overseas so hard to find in Singapore. Really loved this piece, will keep for myself if no one wants.

Price : $18

*Most likely will not accept swaps unless I like  your item alot... Swaps at $25