Earpieces & Headphones - (CAPS @ 0/4)

Table Tennis Bat - $5.50 EACH//3 for $5.30 Each
MIXED STYLE MINI Headphone - $9.50

MIXED STYLE Headphone - $13
DISCLAIMER : As these earpieces and headphones are unbelievably cheap, they sell out really fast, thus, the designs available change drastically daily, so grab the design you want now before it sells out!!
(Other blogshops easily $10-$14 for one earpiece & $24 for 1 headphone!!)
*Direct Supplier
*Can check on spot for sound... Will only be responsible for the sound quality (=can hear clearly) No refunds/exchange after checking..
*Authencity not provem
* Cappings @ 4
* Ordering more than 5, wait for less than 3days after payment, ordering more than 10, wait for 1day only!
*Headphones add $1 for postage
*Earpiece comes with FREE normal postage, add $2.30 for registered postage!


Table Tennis Bat

Available in
Variety of colour combinations, give me a few of your favourite colours and I'll try to find a combination which has 2 of your favourite colours (:

New and unique design, very little shops selling... Those selling sell @ $9, so grab it now!!


Most combinations shown above, do give some alternative colours!

Mixed Style Headphones

Stocks restock and get OOS really quickly so different designs available everytime. Do try to give some alt. style or u can wait till have stock if you want :D Really cheap, cool and nice. Comes box. Not sure of authencity.