Rock Candy (Type #1)

$4.70 for 70g PACKET

$9 for 150g PACKET
$13.50 for 225g JAR

* If you order more than 3 packet/jar, can collect and meet immediately the next day
* I supply too, email me :)
* I will repackage these ><
*You will be able to get the rock candy on the same day preorder ends.
*Mass meet ups @Serangoon

*Cheapest rates among blogshops, mail me if u see a cheaper rate and I will match that rate
*direct supplier
* since it is really popular, there's a high chance of popular flavours being OOS, so do give an alternate flavour

Siti - 150g Smiley Rock
Regular Flavours
Orange Rock
Raspberry Rock
Grape Rock
Mangosteen Rock
Kiwi Rock
Passionfruit Rock
Lime Rock
Pineapple Rock
Blueberry Rock
Lemon Rock
Blackcurrant Bursts
Banana Rock
Pink Grapefruit Rock
Strawberries & Cream
Raspberry Lemonade
Strawberry Rock
Lychee Pillows
Cherry Rock
Apple Rock
Watermelon Rock
Mango Rock
Rainbow Rock
Regular Mix *
PREMIUM FLAVORS (Additional $1 to the prices)
acid drops
cola pillows
disco rock
froggy rock
i  ♥ you
panda rock
purple love hearts
raspberry lemonade
red love hearts
strawberry & cream
scooby rock
smiley rock
coffee crus
Citrus Mix*

Happy Birthday*
Love Mix*
Thank You*

*Mix reccomended for first time buyers, flavours with asterix (*) means that they are only available in 150g & 225g jars